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Welcome to my Sorting Community.I am your Headmistress, igotsmyownweed OBEY ME! :)

This is a Hogwarts sorting community; you may join first, and then post an application to be accepted into the house in which you're sorted. Easy!

Check out our houses!





Where will you be placed?

***Note: Most graphics and info are temporary. There will be a contest, and a chance to get your house MUCHO points, shortly!***


General Rules

1. Copy the sorting application located below. Please leave the application as is, EXACTLY. Place the word ''Hogwarts'' into the subject line of your application, so we can be sure you have read the rules!

2. Respond to each and every question, and ELABORATE. You may make your answers as long as you like, but no less than four complete sentences each. This is so that there will be enough information provided in your application to sort you into the proper House.

3. Try not to respond to your own application, unless specifically asked to by a member, who has a question about your application in which they need clarification. While some people’s intentions are friendly, this rule must be set in order to eliminate any arguing, or rude reactions to the way our existing members are sorting. If you respond to your own application in any other manner than answering a specific question about your application, you will be MUGGLED, for not following this simple rule.

4. You must be at least 13 years of age to join this community. This is a LiveJournal rule, and we honor it.

5. If you are pushing for a house, you will be Squibbed. Answer all of the Questions honestly, and do not take into consideration any of the aspects of any house while doing so. Try to forget what you are filling out the application for, to eliminate any possibility of a sub-conscious push. This is a self defeat, as you will most likely be sorted into the house you most relate to, naturally. And if not, take it for what it is.

6. If AFTER the sorting process, you feel you most certainly have been sorted into the wrong house, and after giving it some time still do not believe you fit in, please contact me, the Headmistress, telling me why, and I will CONSIDER allowing you to re-apply, using a back up application in which you will need to fill out and post in the main house again. Keep in mind this is Risky -If your second application is squibbed or Muggled, you will not be allowed to re-apply, in accordance to the rule, you may only apply twice. No exceptions. Also, your prior house rights will be taken away as you yourself have admitted you don’t belong there. You are giving away your prior membership in doing this, and it will not be redeemable, no matter the outcome.

7.The Headmistress reserves the right to expel any student who is being unnecessarily rude in their house, or on sorting applications, or who is inactive. The Headmistress also reserves the right to veto the majority vote on any application if she feels it is best. If you feel someone is being sorted into the wrong house, please contact me and explain why.

8. Every student is required to vote on Applications. If you are unable to do this, please leave a hiatus notice explaining why. You do not have to vote on every application, but it will be the duty of the Prefects and Head of Houses to keep track of this, and the Headmistress will be notified if you go a substantial amount of time without voting.

9. Attempts to sway votes on applications are not allowed. If you know an applicant, please keep it to yourself while voting. Saying something along the lines of ''I know you and you definitely belong _____'' will not be tolerated. There will also be no arguing about other member’s votes. It is their obligation and prerogative to vote the best way they see fit, as well as your own.

10. Most importantly have fun. Any unnecessary drama and rudeness will be dealt with. If you see any of this, refrain from participating and know that it will be taken care of, and simply continue enjoying yourself. We are not one of those rude communities who claim to be elite and act as fools would. This is a community for the elite, and we will act in accordance to that. Part of being elite is displaying proper manners. Please keep that in mind.

In short in your applications, please please please, be yourself, elaborate, and as a side note. USE PROPER GRAMMAR. Computer ''slang'' and the likes will get you a Muggle vote.

The voting process

1. Vote on other members applications. When you vote put the house in the subject line of your comment
2. Sign your name and house (and position) after your vote. This is necassary for a Squib vote, as the applicant will not be allowed to re-apply if the house they ARE pushing for in a mojority, votes them squib. This will be take effect even if the mojority of the other Houses do not vote Squib. We will not force someone into a house in which they aren't welcome. If someone is being sorted into your house, it is important you read their application VERY carefully, for this reason; Other than this, it will be up to the Headmistress to decide whether a person who has been squibbed may reapply.
3. You may start voting (FOR NOW) after you get one vote. This will be changed once we have more members, as this is a new community.
4. You will be stamped (For now) Once your votes reach a mojority of three, by your headmistress
5. If you are voted Muggle, you may always reapply one more time, unless stated otherwise by the Headmistress. If you are Muggled twice, or Muggled and then Squibbed, you may not reapply.

There are the four obvious votes;

When using these votes, please be thorough when explaining why you have chosen this house.

There are However, two unrelated house votes;


Definitions are as followes;

If someone is being forceful, Pushy, or rude in their application, please use the SQUIB vote.

Please keep a few things in mind, however;

Please do not squib someone simply because you do not like an applicant, or the manner in which they answered their questions.
A Squib vote should only be used if you feel the house in which they are pushing for is not in accordance with the house in which you feel they actually belong, DO NOT VOTE THEM INTO THE HOUSE YOU THINK THEY BELONG IF THEY ARE PUSHING FOR ANOTHER. Only vote an applicant who may be slightly pushing for a house if that is the house you truly think they belong; If someone seems to be pushing for Slytherin, or Ravenclaw, for example, and you feel it is obvious they would be a good addition to this house, and it’s apparent they belong there anyway, vote them into said house. It could be a possible that they weren’t intentionally pushing and just very must fit the attributes of the house, and we do not want to slight someone of the opportunity to participate here due to speculation.
Someone’s screen name, icon, or thier favorite character, etc, should not influence your vote in any other way than that it suggest a certain house. Not because you disagree with it, or because you would like this person to be in your house.
Votes should not be demeaning, mean, or negative; not even a Squib vote. We will not make ourselves fools for foolishness' sake. If you do not like the way a person answered a question, there is no use commenting on it as they’re not allowed to comment back unless answering a valid question concerning their application. This will be seen as provoking the applicant to break the rules, and will not be tolerated.
Please remember that we are an elite community and the behavior of our members should be in accordance with that. If you choose to write a reason for your vote, do so in an intelligent and polite manner. This does not mean you need be overly docile or close mouthed about your opinion. You can explain where you stand without hurting people’s feelings, and provoking heated arguments. A bit of debating about the aspects of each house between the members is always of course, necessary, and even encouraged, but outright arguing will not be accepted. If you are wavering between a house vote and a squib, do not place the person in a house out of pity, or sympathy. Vote as honestly as possible.


This vote should be used if the applicant has not elaborated, if their Html is done improperly, questions are left unanswered, the application is not in exact form, or their applications answers are changed during the voting process. There will be no deleting of applications. If you do this, you will be banned, and not allowed to reapply.

The application should be as follows;
Questions in Bold, Answers plain. copy the application AND LEAVE EXACTLY AS IS. At least three to four sentence answers. The word "Hogwarts'' in the subject line of the application. Simple.

For now, there will be no Head of Houses, or Prefects; after we have a fair amount of applicants these positions will be determined. There will be an application and if you want to fill this position, please fill it out thoroughly.

The same goes for teachers. Within a few weeks there will be a community, called Hogwarts_Classes, but this will not get up and running until all positions are filled. Points will be assigned in this community, as well as challenges, posted by me, to compete for a House cup. All of this will take some time.

Here is the general idea of the point system, for now;

Sorting Someone: 2 pts. (Points will not be given if you forget to put your vote in the title, or forget to sign your name and house, so be careful)
Making an icon: 10 pts. for average, 20 points for exceptional
Making background/wallpaper: 100 pts. if for community, even if it isnt chosen, 50 pts. for general layout.
Making banner/stamp: 25 pts.
Winning Challenge: points are specified with each challenge.
Being included in someone's app.: 10pts.
Community advertisements (with codes etc. alreadty done); These are highly in demand!!! 200 points, for now.
There will be 35 points given to anyone who advertisies this community elsewhere WITH PERMISSION. We will not spam other communities. Please link where you have advertised in Hogwarts_challenge;

The beginning of this term will be on or around November first (depending on member count), meaning this is when points will begin to be tallied. The end of the first term will be on or around December 15th. The House who has produced the most points as a whole will win the House cup. Points will be updated once a week. This will all take pace in a community called Hogwarts_Challenge. It will be up by November 1st, but begin making graphics now, and get a head start! Until HoH and Prefects are chosen, I will keep track of the points.


ALAS, the application; Please keep in mind you may begin voting, for now, once you have one vote.

The application will look like this;
Who referred you here - username and house, if possible:
How active will you be?

l. Please go here; Choose your wand. Pick your wand and then list here what the wand is, size, type, basically list everything you chose then copy and paste what the site says your wand would be good for:

2.How do you feel about the Dark Arts? For? Against? Indifferent?

3.Now, Go here; Find your house find your sign, and read all of the house descriptions. Paste the one you relate to most here, and tell us why;

4.Do you think you would fit well in the house in which described you best? If not which house do you think you would fit in best, and why?

5.Which house would you not fit well in, according to this site?

6. Which house do you feel you wouldn’t fit well in, in your own opinion?

7. Which person from the Harry Potter world do you feel you relate the most to and why?

8. Which character from Harry Potter is your LEAST favorite and why?

9. What types of memories would you put in the Pensieve? Good? Bad? and why would you choose those? (Please keep in mind this does NOT erase your memories!)

10. Name a person, alive, dead, or even a character from a movie or book, (non Harry Potter related) that you most admire. Why do you admire this person?

11. What books or kinds of books do you like to read outside of Harry Potter? Why do you like these books?

12.Now we all know that becoming an animagus is rare and that no one chooses his/her form. So I want you to go here: Animal symbolism and pick the animal symbolism that fits you best. Please copy and paste the animal and what it means, and tell us why you have chosen this animal.

13. If you were faced with a boggart, a shapeshifter that feeds off fear, what form would this creature take when you came face to face with it?

14.If you were to look in the mirror of erised, what would you see? Please be VERY specific.

15. Look here, Right or left Brained?, and tell us, are you more left brained (logical side), right brained (artistic side), or somewhere in-between?

16. Who we strive to be is just as important as who we are. If you could choose to obtain a characteristic that you don't currently possess, what would it be and why?

17. What do you consider the key qualities of the four Hogwarts houses? Why?

18. How do you feel about Voldemort?

19. What are your three most prominent personality traits, good or bad? Which one do you feel best defines who you are as a person?

20.Would you use an Unforgivable Curse for any reason?

21. What annoys you most about other people?

22. What about you may annoy other people?

23. Which of the Seven Deadly Sins (envy, pride, gluttony, wrath, sloth, greed, lust) do you feel you possess the most? Why?

24. What makes someone unique, in your opinion? Explain. (And try to be unique!).

25. Is there anything else that you'd like us to take into consideration? (...Try to answer this. There MUST be SOMETHING that matters enough to mention!) Examples; unusual hobbies, unusual experiences, how they’ve affected you, etc.


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